Penang Finale

finally! we have reached the very last few photos from Penang.

I shot a dog at the clock tower…

ahahha dog says “i cute hor? bring me home can?”

we then walked over to the jetty to shoot a few more photos.

thats QE 2… one of the new attractions in Penang.. ahha clubbing on the waters?

when it was about time… at about 7pm…

we met up with the bloggers for dinner at the seafood restaurant.

dono who’s who?

watch the video below… for self introductions.. 😀

watch it!!!!!!!

so at about 830… we bid goodbye and the 4 of us walked and took a ferry ride to Butterworth.

it was packed with people who were going back to the mainland.

i jumped at the butterworth train station.

and thats all!


goodbye Penang!

can anyone guess what im posting tomorrow? 😀


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