People In Kuala Lumpur Eat Burgers & Drink Coffee

‘So what do people in KL do when they are free on weekends or at night?’, an overseas friend asks me.

‘Well, we drink coffee and eat burgers’.

Looking at the photos I took after I came back from Barcelona, in March, I did both. So here are some photos taken in March of me drinking coffee and eating burgers.

One night, we were at Garage 51, Bandar Sunway, enjoying the coffee and chatting with the friendliest crew ever from the cafe.

On another night, I was enjoying this burger with peanut butter and bacon at Burgertory, SS15 Subang.

I forgot which weekend was this back in March but it was then my first time visiting Pulp in Bangsar.

Oh KL people likes to pose for Instagram too.

A shot of PULP from outside. So do you drink coffee and eat burgers?


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