Pepsi mentos n mcd

Went to the Premier Screening of Harry Potter last night…. well.. the movie wasnt what i expected.. they didnt show much of the story.. they spent too much time on the Triwizard Competition(or the competiton is part of the story?)… anyway… for those female Harry fan.. he was half naked in the movie. 🙂

Saw this video yesterday about an experiment of putting lotsa mentos into a bottle of soda to have a very very fantastic result(watch the video to know what it is)

so after that, some colleagues n I went to the cafetaria to get pepsi, coke, mentos, and a bottle to try it out.

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Kim preparing the mentos, Rames pouring the sode into the bottle and JasonDing looking..

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I was the one who carried out the ‘operation’ haha


Lunch yesterday was a bit tiring.. we took our meal at the cafetaria and an hour later Jen came to office n claimed that she was hungry.. so we WALKED to the McD which was located far far away next to the highway..

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We used the road nearby that was totally empty.. no cars.. no buildings.. no nothing.. like a desert.. so hot.. n sweaty..

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Well.. since we OWN the whole road.. we might as well jump.. 😛

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finally!! Mcd!!.. Cherrie n I had icecream while Jen had some chicken burger. 🙂


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