Petronas Launches TVC, Photography Contest and CNY Celebration

I’ve joined the Petronas CNY Photography Contest! Take a look at my submission:

It’s a lou sang picture. I think it represents “Reimagining Energy”, which is the theme for this contest.

“Energy is everywhere, in everything we do, and especially at this time. It could be
the excitement and the bonding during the reunion dinner, or it could be the hustle
and bustle of shopping for and decorating the home. It could even be a portrait of
the wise grandfather of the family, or a picture of the lanterns that light up our cities,”
explained Dato Mohammad Medan.

Yes, Petronas celebrated CNY with a lousang event and lion dance performances too!

At the CNY celebration they also launched a TVC.

Titled “Coming Home”, the TVC this year – which was shot in Malaysia, England, Belgium, China and India – depicts six separate yet intertwining stories of individuals around the world who, no matter how far they have come in life, stay true to their roots and tradition.

“The TVC is meant to celebrate not just the Year of the Dragon, but the spirit of perseverance, adaptability and determination as captured in each of the stories it depicts.”

Remember to join the CNY photography contest to win big prizes!


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