Petronas Primax Extra Ron 95 the F1 Inspired Fuel

So I was at the Petronas Primax95 Xtra Fuel promo hour yesterday around 6pm to pump my petrol cos I wanted to try out the new mysterious fuel and I took some shots of me doing it. Hhahah

The price per litre seems unchanged but I believe that the savings comes from the fuel consumption as this new Primax95 Xtra allows us to go further.

About to pump the all new Xtra into my car yo!

Gulp gulp gulp im sure my car enjoys the new fuel.

From my 2 days drive I can feel that my car has more power. That’s the initial impression to me. You guys should try it too. Go pump your petrol now at the nearest Petronas station now!

Fore more info, Check out their Facebook page (



  1. Niki

    I think you have a good future as a petrol pump fueling person. 😛

    smashpOp Replies:

    hahahaaha when i grow up i wan to be petrol pump asst 😛

  2. anonymous

    try pump a few time and see. Because you are mixing with your previous fuel. Wait til you use up all your previous fuel then you can see how the performance of the new fuel. Try at least 2 pumps.

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