[Photos] MTV Worldstage 2012 Ft. Justin Bieber, Kara, Jay Park & Mizz Nina!

WOOHOO! Just came back from MTV Worldstage which took place just few hours ago at Sunway Surf Beach, Kuala Lumpur and it was SO AWESOME yo!
Over 16,000 people went and partied with Justin Bieber, Jay Park, Kara and Mizz Nina! I heard that there were some super fans actually started queueing at 7am! CRAZY!

So I arrived at about 5pm, collected my Media pass and went in to the surf beach. The concert started at about 730pm and it was so unexpected that Justin Bieber opened the show!

He started by performing the song “Baby”… I bet everyone knows this one. HAHha…

He then continued to perform his famous tracks like “All Around the World”, “As Long As You Love Me” followed by acoustic version of “Die in Your Arms,” “Be Alright” and “One Time.” He then hyped up the crowd by singing “Never Say Never” and ended his act with “Boyfried”. BEST!

After Bieber, the 5 girls from Korea appeared on stage and had their first ever performance in Malaysia! Wassup KARA!

They performed “Step” accompanied by ten dancers and continued with “Jumping”, “Lupin”, “Honey”, “Let It Go” and “Mister”.

Next was Mizz Nina. At first I nvr thought that her act would be as strong as the previous 2.. but I was wrong! Her song is so catchy and ‘dancyy’ that everyone in the crowd jumped and sang along.

Somehow I feel that her performances had some elements of Beyonce and Rihanna.

The adrenaline didnt stop there as Jay Park emerges on the stage with his stylo mylo dance moves and poses. Girls were all screaming their lungs out HAHAHA

I really liked some of his songs like “Know your Name”, Got Your Back” and “Girlfriend”.

MTV Worldstage ended at about 10pm. Quite early I must say.. but it was all good. GREAT CONCERT. BIG UPS to the guys from MTV Asia for organising this and I seriously had fun. Thanks for the photos too!



  1. TianChad

    All the photos here looks nicer than the one sent to media ;p Maybe because nice watermark??

    keeny Replies:

    power of edit 😀

  2. shane

    it was announced that bieber will be opening on the day before the show. but why is what im wondering. perhaps he needed to leave early?

  3. Fareena


    i was there too as a backstage crew.
    at first i wasn’t a big fan of Bieber, but when he come face to face to me for just about 5feet away, i was like “..his kinda cute..”.. but it was a successful event!!

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