on 6th November, I attended the PhotoshopWorld event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Reached there at about 830am.. abit the early? no. When I arrived, the place was already filled with people. -_-

anyways. photos.

It’s actually a talk kinda thing that introduces us to Photoshop and tell us things about the software that we didn’t already know.

right after we got our seats, I asked the fella in front of us to help us take a shot.

The 2nd speaker. She taught us some photoshop tricks suitable to be used in the advertising field.

During coffee/tea breaks, we were asked to leave the hall to have some refreshments and to make friends with one another.

Met a lot of friends there but only got to take foto with a few of them

Reon: This fella… i always see him in events… cos he’s a designer + photographer for some tech mags.
Arlea: Got to know this gal since the first day I joined Xfresh like years ago.

HonMun: First time meeting him. Been chatting in MSN for sometime already.
Simonso: Met him for the first time months n months ago at the “Design: For Love or Money” expo.

This fella… knew him since ages ago.. see him very frequently too. Stays near my house. lol

Were YOU at the Photoshop event?


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