Picadilly Circus & Crazy Queue At Trafalgar Square!

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Part 2: Wow, Hello London! Nice to meet you.
Part 3: Royal Albert Hall, Double Decker Buses & 1st Hard Rock Cafe In The World
Part 4: My 130 Bucks Pasta in London
Part 5: Midnight Walk in London

So we continued to walk and walk trying to find Trafalgar Square.

The guys were walking in a line so I quickly ran to the front to grab a shot

After walking for about 45 minutes we finally made it to 1st checkpoint! haha

Picadilly Circus… I’ve heard a lot about you.. and finally.. I can see you with my own eyes! Very busy district indeed even at midnight. Drunkards walking around.. weird looking people all standing there staring at us… ahah apparently it’s not that safe to walk around town at 1am in the morning.. but we survived!

There was an M&Ms shop there! Too bad it was closed…

As we continued walking we finally arrived at Trafalgar Square! It’s where the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt.2 red carpet is gonna be at and look at the fans! They came queueing since 1 week before the event. CRAZY!!!

At about 3am we started walking back to the hotel and arrived at 4am LOL

Check out this video of the queue at Trafalgar Square.

More photos & vids tomorrow!



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    wah!! nice pic Jason..

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