Pimp Result n Gathering Finale

Congratulations to Lingghezhi, Saigoheiki, Raymond, Jenni, Sue, Matthew, and Tjinz.

Last part of the big bloggers gathering.

The Emo Trio: Me, Slinky, Bryan.

This photo is sooo colourful. Best giler. Me, Slinky, Justin, Jen, Munyee, Cherrie, Arsyan, Rames.

The “See you there!” pic. White group: Kelli, Nat, Slinky, Bryan, Cheryl. Pink group: Rames, Cherrie, Jen, Me. Extreme left: Calvintay. Extreme right: Eu Jin.

and lastly

the super big group of bloggers pic.

Not everyone is in here tho. Some left damn early.


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