Pitt & Nadiah’s Big Day

Back in December, I attended Pitt and Nadiah’s wedding dinner. They invited all of us from Xfresh, since both of them were from Xfresh also.

Here they come.. walking towards the stage.

They were like celebrities! Everyone was taking photos of both of them on stage…. including me.. ahaha but they look very lovely together… kan? kan?

Then it was time to makan…. the buffet dinner was great! I love curry chicken.. ahahahha

After eating, we quickly went and took photos with the bride n groom.

The agenda continues with cake cutting session…

Near the end of the dinner, both of them came to talk and take photo with all of us… Wassup Xfresh crew!!!

Lastly, congrats to the both of them… (psst… faster make babies ok? 😀 )



  1. Furkids in Hong Kong

    Congratulations to the both of them! Wishing them many many happy years together.

    On a different topic, I watched Episode 11 of Double Exposure. Now that it’s over I just want to share with you how I feel.

    Firstly, I’ve always questioned and disagreed with the judges decision to make each assignment a team/group effort. It’s clear to me that in order to test an individual’s photographic talent, then one should test the individual.
    Secondly, the judges allowing the participants to vote who stays is clearly wrong. Most everyone would strategically vote for their own strategic advantage. As shown, you would have gone on the next round if it was entirely up to the judges decision. Very disappointed that the judges chose to allow voting to be done this way. 🙁

    Anyways, I’m sure you had a lot of fun participating. I know I did following the show.

    Btw Jason, could you kindly change the link to my website to http://www.furkidsinhk.blogspot.com? I forgot to renew my domain name. 🙁


    smashpOp Replies:

    hey Peter,

    thanks for watching all the episodes til now… heh and im very glad that you supported me cos we all actually believed that the 3 guys will win in episode 11. there no way we could lose as i believe our photos were better, actually its “more creative” and we presented very well. i still dont understand why they judges picked the girls. really

  2. Jian aka miao

    Pop, when’s your turn? 😛

    Tian Chad Replies:

    Did you saw the other lovely couple in the 3rd picture? ;p

    smashpOp Replies:

    after u

  3. ahmike

    aLa aLa.. when’s ur turn? Invite us ah///

    smashpOp Replies:

    after u 😀

  4. Nadiah

    Thanks Jason for putting up these pics 🙂 Walking down memory lane for me n Pitt now.. hehe. It was such a fab night n hoped you guys had fun too. Was so fun to see the ex-Xfreshers there too.. mini reunion!

    smashpOp Replies:

    no problem. ahhhaha but its kinda late to post rite? hope u dont mind. ejekjeek

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