Polaroid! Check. WalkieTalkie! Check. Here we go!

So after the briefing and makan at Soul’d Out, we started out testdrive journey to Putrajaya!

We took turns in driving the Honda Freed.

They had snacks, mineral water, polaroid cameras, Gatorade, and many other stuff in the car. Felt like entering a candy car lol.
(One commenter ‘educated’ me that the camera is called “INSTAX CAMERA” and not polaroid) ahha I iz noob at all these instant camera thingymajig.

thoughout the whole convoy we were communicating using the walkie talkie.

The convoy consisted of 8 Honda Freeds… if I remember correctly.

We stopped halfway to change drivers and we did the smashpOp Jump! lol

Ellie was so happy she kept taking photos and posing for the camera lolololol

What’s next? Ewin’s turn to drive?
Check back tomorrow for more!

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  1. lmy
    December 24, 2010

    dude,it’s called Instax camera but definitely not a polaroid!
    I assume that u also will not name all the fried chicken as kfc right?;p

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