pOp got molested

more pictures from chilis!!

(L-R)ME!!!, Kurt’s gf, Kurt, Jasiminne, Milk

nyak aka babylicious and pOp! 😛 (i was sitting on the baby chair.. but too bad cant see)

(L-R) Tony Yusuf from Broken Bridges, Davina from Skali and Jasiminne. These 2 people were kind enough to drop by to say hi.. lol (hey tony! remember our p*** movie plan! haha)

Kurt was interested in my upper part while Jasiminne.. well. .. sigh.. i got molested.. v.v

another smashpOp jump(a peek of my renoma underwear included)… brought to you by ME!! lol.. taken using penguin’s camera

finally, a group shop before leaving chilis. 🙂


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