pOp meets East Malaysia


I have always wanted to visit east Malaysia… (sabah and sarawak) but still no chance to do so yet…

but then…

I got to meet 2 bloggers who hail from the 2 states! ahhaha

I met Benmoh who flew all the way from Kuching

This guy damn fun to talk with. He loves to joke and it was great meeting him.

Then I met Sylvester or better known as Laencier.. who came all the way from Kota Kinabalu.

I was lucky enough to get to catch him for a drink cos his schedule in KL was a bit tight.

and I just came back from Ratatouille Premiere at KLCC!

My say about the movie:
-better than expected
-the animation is superb.. especially the water…. (look out for those!)
-the story is very enlightening and at the same time very touching
-funny scenes are really funny

My rating? 4.85 out of 5 😀

WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iz us! before entering ze cinema! Photo waz taken by Junn’z K810. I sink ze photo iz somesing like a my previouz phone, K800.

Pardon me… my french iz a not a good… only got to absorb a little from Ratatouille!


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