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It’s Sunday! Time to relax, sip some milo ais and watch some Techduology.


Went to watch Apollo 18 few days ago.. thx Ewin for inviting.

I went into the cinema without any expectations at all.. and I did not know what the movie was about..
What’s my thought abt it? It’s shocking, scary and quite good. Rate it 7/10


Was at the Volkswagon Das Auto Show just now. Here’s 3 photos as preview. A summary post will be up in few days. Detailed post in few months. LOL

Kate and workmates at the registration counter.

Hot wheels.


More photos and video in a few days time.


In this week’s episode of Techduology with me and Ben

We talked about:
– Indiana Jones loves leather straps 🙂
– Iron man adopts a pony?
– Facebook adds a new button – to do what?
– The solar SMART car – and it looks GORGEOUS
– Twitter loves Facebook
– Solid proof on the next iPhone?
– Gadget Review – Capdase iPad Camera Connector
– App Review – Dolphin Browser for iOS & 4Squick

CLICK HERE to watch



  1. xjion89

    wow, Volkswagen event was super pop! was scared away by the traffic~

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah yea first time i went i uturn to go home lol

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