#pOpcrap » DR.Inc, Quartet, Front Door


Few days ago, when I was walking down the streets of Bangsar, surrouding by chirping birds, I had a thought. I thought, ‘why do birds chirp?’.. and just when I was pondering about this, I stumbled upon a new cafe called DR.inc.
Dont think there’s a need to tell you where it is exactly, cos even birds know how to Google nowadays.


When I posted this on my Instagram, someone asked me if I love Toy Story. Well, I told him ‘I don’t love Toy Story, but I do love doughnuts’. These choc doughnuts from Quartet TTDI is to die for.


What if I tell you that this is actually a painting and not an actually photo of the signature toasts with customized toppings from The Front Door cafe at Jalan Sultan?
Will you believe me?


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