Popcrap Saturday

As we mark the end of my fotos for DAY 1 Sydney, let’s have some POPCRAPs! 😀 Today we have 3 of ’em.


Guess what people!

Again, I found an interesting site to share with you guys. Lol

Its called eoe online.

If you like photo gallery, buy-sell features, and chances to win prizes… then this is the website for you. The first feature that I find interesting is the “Camera Gallery”. In there, I can read about cameras, compare them and even buy from there!

I think this site damn good lor… cos I can even print my photos there.. lol… maciam kedai serbaguna la this company. The price for printing 5R photos is only 50sen… and if u add up your purchases up to rm30, delivery is free! Fuah!

The trading corner allows us to buy and sell goods. If you are someone who likes to sell used goods…. Second hand gadgets… clothes .. and everything else, then this is another place for you to advertise!

And lastly, which I think is the big attraction of the website, are the contest and shopping information there. Currently the contest is about capturing your travel moments. The first prize is printing of 500 5R photos worth RM750… not bad… just print them and throw people also can. ahahhaa

You guys like to win money, travel and shopping vouchers rite? Then faster go to EOE online now lo. 😀

Come come… let’s go there now www.eoe.com.my


A shot of the Darling Harbour Bridge… took this shot after we left Kings Cross on the first day in Sydney.


Can you guess? Can you can you? 😀



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