Every Sunday is ‘Simple Post’ Day

can also be considered as my rest day. lol

therefore.. i will update something light every 7th day of the week.

Got tagged by Jason.

6 Weird Things About Moi

1. I sleep at 2am and wakes up at 745am daily. Thats about 5.5hours of sleep!

2. I like to eat and eat n eat non stop even when I am full. Thats a fatpOp for you!

3. I prefer sending SMS more than talking on the phone. That’s some speedy thumb exercise!

4. I like to sing.. especially when I am in the office… when everyone’s around. That’s Malaysian Idol quality!

5. I go to Oldtown Kopitiam 4 times a week. That’s a lot of kopi! n roti bakar!

6. I can only think of 5 weird things about myself. That’s weird!

not tagging anyone. Cos I dont like doing that.

and lastly… and old photo… taken last year October which I still like til now.

Taken at the dark n dirty tunnel at KTM Station



  1. Karen

    I can’t believe you can manage with only 5.5 hours of sleep each day. How much coffee do you drink? Sometimes I feel tired when I only get 7 hours of sleep. I wonder if it’s a too much sleep thing. Maybe I should try your methods and see if I can energize. Thanks.

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