Pose Groove Chill

more photos from StarCeleb roadshow at Bed Club!

seriously… the lighting that day sux… very very not satisfied with the results.


sempat camho lagi…. but then it was so packed.. couldnt take any good photos.. so might as well la kan

and more contestants posing

and so.. the first session (POSE) ended with some shots of the different groups.

GROOVE starts when the contestants started dancing in the club… and CHILL was after that

Squeezed myself into the tuna can club.. tried to shoot some GROOVE pics but really kenot …. kenot… kenottttttttt

n then I met my long lost friend Eddy in the crowd.

Hi boys and girls…. this is a sample of a very bad photo. Please don do this at home.

JoshLim… big guy from Advertlets… and me….



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