Ok so we were at the 1st destination of our 3rd day in Korea.

It was at Incheon Memorial Hall. BOOORINGGGGG. So we spent most of the time taking photos of ourselves LOL

Same pose as Yas from previous post.. but different model HAUHAUA

Since most of the gang were inside, these were the few loitering outdoor snapping photos.

Then I went in to see what’s taking them sooo long…

I came back out and they were doing the smashpOp jump. So I joined.

Tired. Sat on stairs. Camho again.

J.D and me walked down the slope towards the ferris wheel. We nvr made it there cos we spent most of the time posing. -_-

NEXT UP! Chinatown in Korea!



  1. ewin

    nice jeans nice shoes!

    smashpOp Replies:

    wah wah nice comment! lol

  2. AngelKein

    I love the last two pictures! Teach me how to take so nice can? lolol

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