Posers at Incheon + Lunch at Multeombeongi Street!

After 2 days of Asian Music Festival, let’s get back to our photos from my recent trip to Korea, a familiarization trip by Air Asia X.

After visiting the Smart City Complex in Incheon, we chilled a while outside the building enjoying the view and the cooling weather. I then posed with Jennifer (Korean name not revealed as it’s hard to pronounce).

Just across the road was this twin building which is very hard to resist not posing with it. lol

Tan and Yas also didnt miss the chance to pose for the camera ehehhee AMAZING shot.

Favourite shot from Incheon!

Then we took the bus to Multeonbeongi street for lunch!

This was the restaurant.. at level 2

Upon entering the restaurant, we had to take off shoes. Guess which one was mine? lol

We took the room which was behind me when I took this photo.

Here’s a video of us entering the restaurant.



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