PUMA Suede Evolution Party @ Capsquare KL!

Few days ago I was at the finale party for PUMA Suede Evolution yo! It was held at Capsquare KL.

The event started at about 8 and was filled with people who loves Puma, suede, free Tiger beer and partying.

A photo at the PUMA backdrop! Simon, Ivy, Gabriel and I

Blogger buddies Mynjayz, Xiang, Wei, JonYKT, ME, Ewin, Simon, Jessy, Sarah

All the designs submitted for the PUMA Suede contest were shown at the party

Bumped into so many old and new buddies there.

Inside and outside also got so many friends! Hahaha awesome party yo!

The party also featured performances by ECX, K-TOWN CLAN, DJ FUZZ etc etc

MORE PHOTOS COMING SOON! MORE INFO ON PUMA HERE https://www.facebook.com/PumaMalaysia


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