Quantum of Solace Failed

“I am Bond… James Bond”…

“Oh really? But you didn’t say that in your latest movie?”

“Oh crap I forgot”

Today let’s focus on just one POPCRAP.

I just came back from watching Quantum of Solace (wth does that mean anyway? Someone please educate me)… and I rate it 4/10. Why? Cos it’s the suckiest Bond movie I’ve ever seen.

Looks like a scene from video games eh?

First of all, the actions are super fake. How can one fall off buildings… got hit on the face with an elephant or even fall from the sky (with parachute barely opened at the last minute and hit the ground straight on the head) and still doesnt feel pain.. no bruises on the face even?

Aston Martin doesn’t love Bond anymore?

The only chance for us to see the oh-so famous James Bond car is only at the first 5 minutes of the movie and thats it. Oh the car is not bullet proof, mind you… so that makes the James Bond Aston Martin an ordinary car that does nothing other than getting wrecked.

Remember how good an Aston Martin looks? Well, you better remember it cos you wont see this anymore in Quantum of Solace… not even for 1 minute.

Oh btw, he drives a Ford more than anything else now. Check it out in the movie.

James Bond = spy gadget man.

According to Wikipedia,
In the James Bond film adaptations, Bond has been associated with several well-known watches, usually outfitted with high-tech features not found on production models. The Rolex Submariner, one of the few recurring models, was worn by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton’s versions of James Bond. Roger Moore also sported a number of digital watches by Pulsar and Seiko.

James Bond used to receive cool and high tech gadgets from Agent Q.

When I see James Bond, I expect to see him using his high tech gadgets to spy or just to show off his transforming fountain pen or even a mini camera keychain…

Did Sony Ericsson say “throw all his gadgets… he only needs a Sony Ericsson phone that does nothing other than taking photo with face tracking capabilities?”

If you are looking forward to watch QoS for the bond girl? No need la.. cos it’s not a big issue anymore.

This is how a Bond girl supposed to look. Classy, hawt, mysterious and smart.

I remember there was a time when everyone talks about who gets to be Bond girl.. how each Bond girl appears in every movie… Well.. again… no more. LOL

In Quantum of Solace, we get this Bond Girl female actress. Not hawt.. speaks alien language and she’s scared of fire.

Oh well. I should stop all these complaints now or I can go on until tomorrow. Watching a gadgetless, bond girl-less and Aston Martin-less James Bond movie is like watching a Superman that doesn’t fly in a Superman movie

Just one last message to the latest Bond movie.



  1. Emperor

    So sorry to hear you hated the movie! You do know that this new Bond movie is all about how James Bond became the polished, gentleman, suave… ?

    The new Bond movie starts with Casino Royale. Daniel Craig was chosen as Bond because he has the unpolished look of which they will change him in more Bond movies to come. I have expected that as I have learned to accept the new Bond. At first when I watched the Casino Royale, I was disappointed. No Q at all and all the other usual casts. Then, I understood why, this Bond is the raw and polished Bond.

    As for stunts, they always have doubles. As for realism, ha ha ha… All I can say is that IT’S A MOVIE bro! Chill and enjoy la. Don’t expect too many realism. There isn’t any. Ha ha ha…

    I love Bond till the day I die. It’s what I grew up with. Love the gadgets, women, spies and etc. The new Bond is something everyone has to comprehend… Seriously. Don’t just brutally butcher it.

    No offence ya! Have a great Sunday!


    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah non eed say anything to u d.. evrrything say on the phone call

  2. ahKOK

    just back from the movie….is kinda fake i agred with you! no pain on them when they fall from the SKY! hehe….

    frankly speaking, i not really understand the whole movie! 😛

    i was asking my friend “do u understand the movie? do u know the menaing of QOS?” he answered me….duno hahah….sob sob

    ok la….nitez…cheeer up bro pop

    smashpOp Replies:

    1. agree. they hang bang wall also ntg wan
    2. i also don understand.. lol

  3. gideon

    reli tht bad ar the movie?
    i didnt get to catch it in the end.

    smashpOp Replies:

    no need. waste money

  4. Kei

    i already tak suka this guy playing james bond from the start. not as yeng as the previous ones. this 1 look so small size leh despite he has muscles. @[email protected]

    WHAT? No bond gadgets? O_O that sucks!

    smashpOp Replies:

    this is an action movie. not bond movie. lol at least thats wat i interpret from the movie lo

  5. Terapox

    Ugly Bond + Ugly Bond girl + Sony Ericsson’s Ads + lousy story line

    = Daniel Craig James Bond Series…

    *I think Daniel Craig is a gay… and he sleeps with the owner of EON to get the role..

    smashpOp Replies:

    lol too much 😛

  6. allen

    LOL! criticize kaw kaw! I haven’t been catching much movies for the past few weeks already.. or couple of months.. >.<

    smashpOp Replies:

    u can skip this too

  7. DannyOng

    I think Aston Martin CEO told EON:”Daniel Craig is too ugly for our car…go find a cheaper car that suits his face…”

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah thats y he got ford. lol

  8. day-dreamer

    Really so teruk ah?

    Lucky I not Bond fan… hahaha!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahaha i am lor 🙁

  9. buttercup

    LOL! the last pic makes everything classic and damn funny! hahaha! nice one!

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah thanks bro

  10. voch

    Did u also notice that the theme song sucked? Everything about QoS is just bad.. haha

    smashpOp Replies:

    YES!!! I REALISED TOO! previous ones damn nice wan….. and the songs.. i think i love Goldeneye the best by tina turner

  11. [email protected]!ra~

    wah… so horrible ah?? lucky i never like daniel. I still like pierce. Hence i didn’t even watch last year’s 007 movie.

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahah pierce is in mamma mia d lol

  12. Alice Teh

    Does anybody here know the history of Bond, James Bond? Or they just go and watch whatever crap they want to watch and come out of the cinema giving ratings?… Wait, maybe Emperor (the first commenter) here knows a thing or two. Good for you.

    Quantum of solace means the amount of comfort. If you read the book (one of the 14 Bond novels by Ian Fleming)–which also aids in the understanding of the phrase used–this movie has nothing to do with story in the book. It’s a totally different adaptation.

    But it’s not like you care, right?

    smashpOp Replies:

    wow thanks for sharing with us your lifetime experience of reading books.

    how m i not surprised that you have read all the books since thats all u do rite?

    well yes i dont really care. I watch what i paid for. i comment what i watched. and i do it in my blog. Ah.. but not like you care, right?

    Alice Teh Replies:

    I was just answering your quest to be educated on the meaning of the phrase since you seek enlightenment.

    I have not yet read all the Bond books though I certainly just received a box from Penguin UK last week. I do look forward to reading them all. Watching the movies from Dr. No right up to Casino Royale had been a nice treat. And no, reading is not all that I do. 😀

  13. Nicholas Leong

    Err why la Halle Berry? 😛 Show someone else la. I don’t like Halle Berry. She belongs to the generation of ugly bond girls 😛

    Anyway, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale is the early years of Bond. So he is rougher, less refine and can’t pick up the prettier chicks yet lah 😛

    And Agent Q also should be less experienced in making fancy stuff and he would be driving cheap cars coz his status not power yet.

  14. Emperor


    This must be the major ketuk Bond 22: QoS thread ever.


    Guess I have to assume that all are not true hardcore Bond fan at all. QoS was a continuation from CR. Please do watch the commentary or the making of QoS to understand it a little better.

    Bond is Forever! 007 LTK!

  15. sean

    hahaha funny especially the chick picture. Classic.. when compared to halle barry.

  16. Albert Ng

    Technically there was Ms. Fields was had the classic Bond girl look.

    I didn’t think it was so bad that the gadgets and all weren’t there. Only problem was that I didn’t know who was who (my friend who read the book and remembered the characters from Casino Royale would tell me.) I liked the violence and door-knob snapping.

    The AT-AT is damn cute!

  17. Kurt

    QoS FAILS because jesus man, how does Bond NOT bang the royal english out of Olga Kurylenko?

    P.S. The theme song can cup my balls. What a letdown.

  18. chzehong

    Do you even understand the concept of the current Bond movie?

    He is suppose to be young, and inexperienced and he is fueled with revenge for the death of Vesper. He is NOT suppose to look or even act suave. And I think Craig played it perfectly!

    Looking for the cool gadgets? Machine gun loaded vehicles? Laser watches? A man in full suit who walks into an explosion scene and walk out perfectly unharmed? Sorry but you are still in the 80’s.

    Emperor Replies:

    Agree with you on your comments. 🙂

  19. Darren

    QOS is not that bad ok, Olga is hot! Just because no gadgets and etc etc, I do agree with what chzehong said, I think that this bond is much more realistic than those over rated bonds.

  20. BryaN HoO

    u know what?
    i have totally same view as you.
    damn disappointed with this bond movie.
    i like the old james bond!

  21. Nicholas @ NICK CHAN DOT NET

    Jason Bourne is way too much cooler than James Bond, even without a gadget.

    By the way, Olga Kurylenko is cute. xD

  22. LesGrossman

    QoS is ok la p0p.. u’re too harsh man.

    u’re saying invisible bond car is realistic la? rofl.

  23. narrowband

    Hahah… I had higher expectations for this latest instalment of Bond too. Abit off the mark. My mark.

  24. Chongwee

    yes. totally sucks.
    no hotgirl..

    and that girl eventually dint even be with Bond.

    he has fats more than muscles

  25. Emperor

    Quantum of Solace

    TOPS BOX OFFICE over USD70 million dollars over the weekend!

    Who says Quantum of Solace sucks? LOL!

    Bond is forever! Never fails to top the box office!

    GO GO GO 007!

  26. Yildizname nedir

    thanks you very mach

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