Quiksilver Revolution

last month I gathered some friends and bloggers to go for photoshoot at the Quiksilver Revolution 2.0 event at Sunway Surf Beach.

Thats us (L-R)Victor, Chewey, Jen, Jiok, Rames, Me, Simonso, David Narrowband. Albert, Evan and Caxton were there too.

At the surf beach we saw…

Anyone knows his name? CindyC… u know his name? hmm.. maciam femes wo this guy

ahaha failed! you guys better not laugh at him. ahahahahha damn bad

A random shot… so random that i didnt know i shot this until i looked at my folder of photos before I updated this post.

and at the crowd, we saw…

chiqs of all types. lol… chun? 😀

ok enough of the surfing action…


Can you guess?


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