R.age Photowalk At Jalan Sultan

So on Saturday I was at Jalan Sultan to lead a group of young photographers around in this photowalk session organised by The Star R.age.

At the same time as our photowalk, there was also an event whereby 50 ppl were there to paint the mural on the wall of one of the old buildings. Here are some photos from that day.

We actually had a tour guide to bring us around to tell us stories about some of the old buildings there. It’s quite shocking to hear them which I never would’ve known if not because of this. Haha

So after 30 minutes of following the tour guide, everyone was given time to roam around freely to capture photos. Some of them were with me as I explained stuff about street photography.

We went to all sorts of places.. from temples to markets.

Had breakfast there too.. this fishball noodles with minced meat was awesome. Hawker foods is always amazing. (and cheap too)

At the end of the photowalk… we all gathered back at the tents and everyone started showing their photos at the photo sharing session. Glad to be able to share some tips and evaluate the photos.

Had a short stop at the wall and talked to some of them painters/artists there.

R.age guys + Dulux guys jump! While I pose of course. haha


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