R.age Photowalk To Jalan Sultan

So back in October, The Star R.age invited a bunch of photography enthusiasts and me for a photowalk at Jalan Sultan. Like the photowalk before, my job was to guide the group and give them some photography advices when needed.

We started off our walk here. Jeremy from Red.FM joined in as well.

We had a guide that walked us through the area and told us stories on the history of the buildings and stuff

Off we went!

We stopped here and the guide told us stories about the bookshop.

Hope these buildings stay so future generations can learn a bit about our history

Looking around.. observing the heritage

OK more photos tomorrow!



  1. xingyi

    wah you were from jalan sultan?

    smashpOp Replies:

    wat u toking lollolol

    xingyi Replies:

    “in my place”.. haha :O

    smashpOp Replies:

    That one i was referring to the guy in the window

  2. miera

    Wah, cun la pictr.!!

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