R.age Photowalk To Pudu Market. Showing The ‘Old’ To The ‘Youngs’.

Many months back @thestar_rage organised a photowalk outing for readers who wants to learn photography and is new to cameras and photowalks. Many has registered but there were only spots for 15 people.

They contacted me, Jason Lioh and Robin Wong and requested for us to guide these young people who were interested in photography in this photowalk. We were more than happy to guide and share some tips with them.

We met up at Pudu LRT station and introduced and got to know each other.

Then we were separated into 3 groups and went own ways to explore the old and still very alive Pudu Market. In my group were Nicholas, Amy and Phyllis.

As we walk towards the market, we took some photos along the way. Here I told them to snap the roadsigns as they symbolize the area and usually people love taking roadsigns. That’s Nicholas in action.

Amy then took some as well. Suggested her to take some close up shots to show the details of the sign.

This photo was taken as a demonstation on how to talk to strangers and get them to pose for our photos naturally.

Fuh.. Phyllis and Amy non stop snapping everything in sight. Hehe..

“Don’t miss out old people sitting or standing alone!” I still remember what I told them. lol

A photo I took to show them what I meant.

OK MORE TOMORROW! Check out my POPVID 17 as I have videos of the photowalk featured in that episode.



  1. simonso

    walk alllllll lah!

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  2. simonso

    Walkkkkkk alllll lorrr!!!!!!!

  3. Joey

    a meanigful contribution to get the youngster do something meaningful

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    yup 😀

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