Raffles Place Jump

Singapore post continued…….

and so we went to our next destination…


we came here. It’s Singapore’s business district. All the big big buildings with shiny glass windows are located here.

All the serious people come here….

All big business happens here….

All the big companies are here….

but suddenly came a group of siao people from KL….

some specky guy even jumped while holding a green umbrella… lol

the small gal in the big tv also got shocked.

then it started to rain a bit… so we packed our stuff and took a group shot before we left

this pic damn nice rite? ahaha (self praise a bit)

then we walked to our next destination.. which was around Boat Quay.

but halfway… we saw this big fish eye mirror outside the carpark.

so … u know lah.. lol wat else.

a lil lub story from me.

then we walked samor… and finally arrived at out final photoshoot spot.

can anyone guess? haha.. guess la ok… give a bit face.


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