Rain, Wind & 12Degrees in Hongkong

Ok after the 3.5hours flight, we finally arrived at Hongkong International Airport.

Their airport is larger, classier and has more retail outlets than the one we have here. More ‘international’ lah..

We had some free time before meeting up with my relatives so we went over to Delifrance to get a drink. It was definitely an unusual experience to be ordering drinks at Delifrance using Cantonese.
I think I said “Mm goi, ehhh ngo yiu yat gor ‘Cafe Latte’ ling chao geh” and the staff then replied. “Hou ah. Nei yew ping ding yit ga?” “Ping”. Which when translated to English “Hi, I’d like to have a glass of Cafe Latte please, take away.“. “Hot or cold“, she asked.

The interior was undoubtedly nicer and brighter than the Delifrance in Malaysia.

We then went out of the airport to get a taxi. It was FREEZING COLD WITH SUPER STRONG WIND + RAIN! I was shivering eventhough I had my jacket on.

Ahhh wide lens shot. Hehe. Was crossing the famous Tsing Ma bridge when I took this. Taxi ride from airport to Causeway Bay cost us about RM350. Wow.

Arrived at Park Lane Hotel. It was raining heavily hence lowering the weather to about 12 degrees. We ran in the rain to cross the road… coldness + 100. lol
Rested a while at the lobby. Then took a photo while waiting for my relatives to arrive.

Ok I recorded this video from inside the plane alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way to the hotel. Watch it in HD ya.

Can you feel the wetness and coldness after watching the video?



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