Reaching Sydney

LOOK! I made a new banner… for posts that has both photos taken by my phone and dSLR. 😀

OK! now that we have enough passengers, lets board the plane n fly to Sydney!

lol… no la.. remember I went Sydney during CNY last month? Here are the photos… (1 month outdated lol)

Nice? .. Damn nice. lol the flight took about 8 hours… from 1030pm to 7am the next day.

We were welcomed by a Nokia representative and another guy from Sheraton Hotel. We then took the Sheraton van back to the hotel.

Took this as we were leaving the airport. Sky damn blue can!

We then asked the driver about Sydney Opera House and according to him, its just nearby our hotel… he then told us that we will be stopping there for a while for us to take some photos.

I was damn excited!!!!! cos Sydney Opera House wor.. omg… ahahahhaa

We are here!! The famous landmark in Sydney…..

after about 5-10 minutes, we were asked to get back on the van cos we need to check in already.

Here we got our room keys and our media packs… cos we(3 newspaper journalists and 2 bloggers) were there as media for the Nokia Showcase.

Ill show you guys my room in the next post….

for now, enjoy this photo.

Love the sky. Do you?


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