Reflections from the past & the next red thing

So I was looking through my folder full of photos which I have yet to blog about and realised that the next folder after my Penang shots were these below.

They were photos of my buddies from the iTT gang and I enjoying our ‘lou sang’ during chinese new year.

Then I thought to myself. ‘Wow, bloggers used to post photos like this last time… photos of outings with friends, people having meals together, posing for the camera’.
So what has happened to blogs nowadays?

Blogs nowadays are full of advertorials, food reviews, product reviews and everything else that could earn money.

Gone were the days where you can see photos of the blog owner and their friends having meals or doing fun stuff together.

So I was thinking.. should I still post these photos which was meant to be blogged about back then when they were shot during Chinese New Year?

I figured that I should cos it is my blog and this kinda postings have always been presented, showing everyone my friends and our meals.

Which got me to write about this ‘reflection of the past’ thingy.. about how blogs have transformed from a personal site about daily lives and photos… to a commercial site selling products and reviews.

I still remember I would include a teaser at the end of my blogposts too, to get viewers interested and to come back the next day. Like this visual above.

And if you have been reading from the top of this post, thanks for reading while you scroll through these photos of strangers that you have no idea who except my face.


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