Relay For Life!

Back in May, I joined the Relay for Life event organised by National Cancer Society Malaysia at MSN field in Bukit Jalil. It’s a 16 hours relay.. from evening til the next morning.

Photos below were all taken using my Nokia X6.

When I arrived, ppl were already making their rounds.. I then went to look for the tent for bloggers and met some others there.

Before merging ourselves with the group of walking humans, we took some photos.

We continued walking n walking n walking til late night.

Big Relay for Life ballons were put up and there were booths on the side of the field selling food, drinks, and LIGHTSABERS!

Ching ching! We went and bought one each.. money goes to the cancer society anyway so it’s fine.

Then we all played with it a while and took more photos. LOL

After that we all lighted up the paper bags given to us prior to the event and many wrote names of their friends and family who passed away cos of cancer. Some ppl wrote their blog URLs lol.

Ok thats it.. we went home after that. Felt good for being a part of the RelayForLife event 😀



  1. Niki

    Wah lau, took you long enough to get this pics up right? 😛

    Thanks for participating! 😀

    smashpOp Replies:

    ahahah was up before ma. now up again. DOUBLE EXPOSURE! ahaha

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