REWIND: March 2009

Back in March 09, I posted these stuff:

My Singapore trip during Christmas LINK

I was the official photographer for the Sony Cybershot launch event LINK

Posted more photos from Singapore LINK

Dinnered and photoshoot with Kelvin at Pyramid LINK

Did a summary post on my early birthday dinner at Flying Chillies! LINK

Posted photos from the Secret Santa dinner @ Michaelangelo from December LINK

Another summary post of our trip to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon event LINK

Blogged some photos from the Siao Potluck on new years eve LINK

Jaytee was back in KL and we went dinner at TGIF LINK

Got Interviewed by Lowyat.TV after completing the reality tv show, Double Exposure LINK


WE’VE GOT QUITE A NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS ALREADY! This contest might just end earlier. Hehe… so if you have not joined yet… JOIN NOW! Just dont regret when the contest is ended suddenly ahahahhahahahaha



  1. EVo

    First!!! LOL…

    Ahh Flying Chillies. brings back memories la bro..those were the good days!

    Next year where plan bday party? hehe.

  2. Jacquelyn

    I got 2 domokuns now! =p

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