REWIND: Oct 09

Alright now, its gonna be 2010 already…

Let’s quickly finish the Rewind posts.. Chup chup!

I was at the KL Marathon and I did 10km. Was my first run. Woot! LINK

I was one of the Nike Ambassadors and there was this challenge where 2 groups of ppl must run as much as they can in a month… Rojak Runners v Sambal Sprinters LINK

Met up with Cindy and Kingston for dinner at Pasta Zanmai LINK

Calvin and I shot our cars one day cos we were too bored lol LINK

Got invited by Sony to attend the launch fo A550 and 2 Cybershots in Langkawi LINK

The Proposal special screening at Tropicana City Mall! LINK

Ran 11.5km at Mens Health Night run at Putrajaya LINK

Was at Ruumz Most Wanted finaly event LINK

Saw Cyril doing his magic with my own eyes at the SonyEricsson Satio, Aino, Yari launch event LINK

Touched the Olympic torch and met the person who designed it for the first time at the Lenovo launch event LINK



  1. EVo

    Didn’t get to see the post on Cyril’s show. damn nais floating pic bro. Next year we go 21 km run ok! 😀

  2. Niki Cheong

    Wah, got two photos of me this time! 😀 hehehehe

  3. Jing-leBelle

    Wow ! didn’t know you’re one of the Nike Ambassadors yo.
    It’s so cool!

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