Rice Bowl

ok so after team building… we went back to our room…

to rest..

and to take shower…

then it was already 7pm… means hungry time.
how to sleep? how to sleep? hungry d!!

Me: eh let’s meet up at 7pm ok?
Cherrie: har? 7pm? thats like 1 more hour only! not neough time!!!
Rames: ei Cherrie.. Indonesia is 1 hour behind KL la..
Jin: yalo… 7pm means 8pm KL time.
Cherrie: ohhh okok ahah I so blur 😀

so we all met up at the lobby and went to look for food.

luckily our hotel is next to a shopping mall. we went there and saw this restaurant.

looked ok.. so we went in. too hungry. don care what they serve d.

after ordering… snap foto lo. apa lagi. ahah

and video too! 😀

this thing was under promotion… only 5000Ruppiah… means about RM2.30.. the usual price is 23000Ruppiah… but that one is of course.. bigger in portion.

This one also 5000Ruppiah. We didnt mind if we get hungry cos of the small portion cos we planned to eat dunkin donut after dinner.

and so we walked to the opposite building to have Dunkin Donuts. 😀

after all that.. the time was only 9.30pm Indonesia time…

Rames: omg.. 9.30pm only? what r we gonna do? takkan we go travel but sleep so early!!


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