RM203,000 Giveaway at WeBUY!

Remember my previous post on WeBUY? It’s a ‘group buying’ website. That means, it allows groups of people to agree in buying something, then they will bulk it.

This time around they are bringing you another awesome deal!

– This WeBUY Giveaway project giving out RM203,000 to all participating WeBUYers.
– RM200,000.00 + RM3,000.00 worth of WeBUY e-wallet money must be given out within 120 hours. 
– This BUY will be activated when it reaches 500 = RM 3 for every participant’s WeBUY e-wallet
– When the next target (1500 participant) is reached – the prize will be upgraded to it’s respective amount (RM5 WeBUY e-wallet) automatically for all participants
– If the next target is achieved, the prize money will be upgraded again. This goes on until the target of 10,000 participants. Remember to check out the chart below
– If this BUY hits 10,000 – it will be a RM200,000 giveaway
– Now, Every Second & Person Matters.

Get in on the dealand click BUY here http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/deal_info.php?pid=72

Other than that, I also spotted another deal which is super awesome as well. RM11 for a Full Set of High Tea with Pastry Lunch + RM5 Cash Voucher for Next Visit. (Total Worth of RM28)

Seriously I cannot believe that we can actually get 60% discount for the high tea offer at all but with WeBUY its possible! Check it out here http://www.webuy.com.my/V1/index.php

WeBUY has been a trusted brand for group buy promotions and deals, they have successfully get super discounts for previous deals like this

68% off for a package at Shawn Cutler for only RM 80 and you get a full blown hair Package (including hair treatment) and RM 50 voucher. BEST!

SO there you go. Some great recommendations I wanna share with you today.

Check out http://www.webuy.com.my now! And their Facebook page (facebook.com/WeBUYnow)


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