RM500 gone

ahhhhhhhh its 1145pm now.. i just finished watching charmed ep 19.. damn kanjiong.. so i need to update this n then back to charmed.

5 days ago.. which was a saturday.. i went to Lowyat to upgrade my phone firmware.. then i thought.. since everything will be cleared.. i might as well get a 1gb memory card so i can put lotsa mp3s in it..

n then i thought.. might as well get the bluetooth stereo earphones so i can listen to the mp3s from my phone wirelessly

so i bought this.

i roughly spent about rm500 on that day. the bluetooth stereo earphone was about rm290.. the memory card was rm120.. then i bought dvdrs.. i bought magazines.. n the freakin nokia center charged me rm30 for upgrading firmware.. and i had lunch.. n some other small small stuff

so total loss: RM500

ahha ok back to charmed 😛


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