I had the roast pork wantan mee at ‘Ru Di Fook’ Kota Damansara and want to revisit immediately

If you are into wantan mee, pork, cocktails, great dessert and coffee, you should definitely check out this new place in Kota Damansara called “Ru Di Fook”.
It’s basically a noodle bar that offers wide range of modernised Chinese/Asian food with added creativity.

So I checked out this place and tried their signature wantan mee with 2 types of ‘main’ toppings. The noodles come with either traditional black black soy sauce or ‘white sauce’, which is their house recipe dressing. I tried the latter and I have to say, it will be my default choice now if I were to revisit Ru Di Fook.

Whichever sauce you pick, you will definitely enjoy the HK style duck egg noodles. It’s tangy and flavourful. I especially love the fried pork lard that they mix the noodles with.
The toppings for this bowl: Roasted pork and BBQ pork aka ‘Hou Pak Dong’. RM17.80

This other one I tried was with 3 fried wantans, 3 boiled wantans, onsen egg, kailan and mushroom toppings. RM15.80. I personally prefer the first option as I love BBQ pork 😀

3 words to describe the ambience in Ru Di Fook: ‘Hipster’, ‘Traditional’ and ‘Comical’. If you have been exploring food places in Singapore, you might actually notice that the style and theme of Ru Di Fook is somewhat familiar. That’s because the owners of this place were inspired by a similar establishment in Singapore called ‘Wanton.sg’. I really like how they combined traditional Chinese elements with comic style designs which is implemented in their menu and wall designs.

Ru Di Fook doesn’t call themselves ‘Noodle Bar’ for nothing. Apart from selling noodles, they also sell alcohol. Ranging from cocktails to beers, you will definitely be able to find the right drink to pair with your food. I tried the ‘Loh Han Guo’ cocktail which is an infusion of the traditonal loh han guo, sake, orange bitter and lemon. First sip gave me the feeling like I am drinking cough syrup but the taste slowly grows into me and it was actually quite refreshing. RM18.80.

My preferred choice of drink? Definitely coffee. This was my flat white and just look at the art.. fuh. More complex than a shopping complex but I think the price is a little high for flat white. RM12.80.

Here’s a fun tip for you. One of the owners (Not the barista in this photo. This guy is the super senior barista that’s responsible for coffee trainings for all their outlets) also runs another cafe in Sri Petaling called ‘103 workshop’. This is when you say ‘aaaaaahhhhhh’ and nod your head.

Want dessert? I recommend this. It’s called ‘Milo Pie’. They pulled this off by putting together pingpong biscuits, chocolate, whipped cream, salty garnache, and vanilla ice cream. It’s very chocolaty, crunchy, cold and sweet. Perfect for sharing among 2-3 friends. RM20.80.

RU DI FOOK Noodle Bar
2, Jalan PJU 5/4,
Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Open 12pm-11pm, except Mondays.
Tel: 03-7496-7103


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