So what do I do every Sunday morning?

I go run at the park and that basically takes up my 8 to 9am before I go for breakfast with my family.

I usually go out of breath after my runs on Sundays and before I enter the car, I would stop by the tau fu far truck to enjoy a warm bowl of beancurd. That’s to fill my empty tummy since I don’t have breakfast before I go run every morning.

After that tau fu fah session, I’ll enter the car and this is when I enjoy the most. I switch on the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster and the air in my car becomes clean and fresh. Perfect when I am breathing so heavily after the run.
The steps can be summarised into 3 words. RUN (basically means the morning run lah) ENTER (Means enter the car after eating tau fu fah) PRESS (Switching the SHARP Ion Plasmacluster on).

You can find out more from this video below.

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