Run! Innov8 Run!

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I’m posting photos from November… hehehe

Sometime in October, we got an invitation from Samsung to join the Innov8 Run and we were happy that the 4 of us got selected. haha

(Photos below taken using Samsung Innov8 and Nokia N96)

There were some other of our friends who got selected too.. hence we were very excited for November 1st.

We gathered at Samsung HQ at about 8am and we were all grouped randomly into teams of 3.

Then we went into the briefing room to get our kits and also to get to know our new teammates. That’s Bryan and Cherrie together with their team mate.

We were given a short briefing by the organisors on what we should do during the run.. guidance and tips.

It ended with tshirt collection and Innov8 allocations as 1 member will be responsible for taking photos, another to be the navigator and the 3rd member as the driver.

We had a game of Asphalt 3D to see which team starts first.

Joshua, who was in another team looked sad when he took quite long to finish the race, which means his team will have to be one of the last to take off later.

Before embarking on our run with respective teammates, we took a fab 4 shot first.




  1. AlvinLee™

    fuyoh ! wa tak tau when i only can join =.= ( Impossible )

  2. maRCus

    Fab 4? I recalled i dubbed you guys the Fantastic 4 right? waahahahaa…. sei fo lor.. pop gor oredy posted INNOV8… i better catch up..woohoo!!!

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