Rynn Lim Concert

Hi all! I just came back from Hikaru’s birthday dinner at … Pasta Zanmai… 1U

and erm…. Rynn Lim concert will only occupy 3 posts…. so…


The concert was held at KL Convention Center… sponsored by Sony Album-T

10 Alpha DSLR users were selected to be the media to cover the event that day and got front row seats at the concert for FREE. aahaha so nice kan?

We reached there 1.5 hours before the concert began… so we got time to walk around n checkout the hall.

The hall was so comfy… and everyone gets a bottle of water and a Sony catalog.

we then hung out outside the hall, at the Album T booth to chit chat and camho.

Hello girls…. OMG! that was me early last month??? The hair damn long!!:P

At about 745pm the crowd was let in and they all rushed into the hall.

chun chiqs, good looking men, old aunty, old uncle… small boys small girls… all got.

The promoters then took the chance to help the people to take photos and print them.

after everyone got it… we prepared ourselves and at about 8pm, the concert began.

More photos tomoro 😀


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