Save The Acacia Tree From Devilish Bugs On The PaperMaster for iOS & Android!

Wanna be a savior and learn about how important paper is? Why not experience it yourselves with the new game by PaperOne called “The PaperMaster”?

It’s a really simple game but as you play through the different levels, the difficulty gets higher and it will be heart pounding as you will be tapping on the screen vigorously like there’s no tomorrow. Haha! IT’S REALLY EXCITING!

Here’s what you need to do once you have installed and launched the PaperMaster game:

1. Login to the game
2. Read through the paper tips to earn extra resources for the game.

3. Tap on the bugs to prevent them from reaching the growing Acacia Tree. The bigger the tree, the more resources you will receive for the next part of the game.

4. The Office challenge turns the resources you have earned into practical use in an office scenario. Your task is to help your colleagues by getting the right type of paper to the printer and back to them. There will be different tasks such as printing of ‘Product Inventory’ or ‘Meeting agenda’. These will require specific type of paper for the task and players is to match the task to the request.
5. Each part of the game has a quota. The game will become harder in the next round!

Oh btw! Did you know that the first 1000 people who download The PaperMaster game stand a chance to win an iPhone 5s? I’ve done it and have grabbed my chance. Now is your turn!
In case you don’t get the iPhone 5s, no worries as the grand winner will win an Epson printer!
Remember to visit for more info and go download the game now from App Store/Play Store!


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