Sean Kingston LIVE!

Ok this is part 2 of Sean Kingston Showcase in KL.

… and so… after MC Jin’s opening act, DJs JJ and Moots from went on stage to introduce the main act for the night, the ‘big’ man!

Sean Kingston finally appeared with 2 other of his mates on stage performing the song “Me Love”

Wah seriously… he’s damn big. lol

the crowd was damn wild! pushing us against the railing damn ‘kao’… i think i became thinner now getting squeezed between them and the metal bars. lol

He performed 6 songs that night… but we left the place when he was performing his 3rd one. lol

honestly, i think Jin was a lot better than Sean Kingston that night… he he

took this outside Zouk when we were leaving the place…

This is a video of Sean Kingston…. watch it la if u wan…. hmm

What’s next? Redang? Nokia Wireless Challenge? My birthday dinners? Casual outings? Lemme have a look at all my pending pics n see what to post tomorrow 😀



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