Secret Santa at TGIF

I’ve been posting a lot of outdated photos lately…. Penang ones were too outdated… so i thought… ok la… I should post something fresh.

On 25th, we celebrated Christmas at TGIF Pavilion.

The dresscode for the night was “White or Red” so I wore this.

2 weeks ago, Cherrie created a system that generated random names among us and each will get a name. We then had to buy a Christmas present for that person and exchange them on 25th.

It was the Secret Santa Present Xchange thingy….

a shot of the appetizer…

and a shot of my main dish.

Caryn was there too! I meet her only once a year.. cos the last time I met her was at Marche on new years eve (31st Dec 06)

then we started giving out presents.

we all didnt know who our secret santa was… so a bit kanjiong when it was someone’s turn to give out their presents.

It was then my turn, after receiving the present from Yow. So I walked a few rounds around the table n finally stopped behind Jenifer… she was shocked cos she didnt know that I was her secret santa. haha

Coincidently, Jen was Cherrie’s secret santa… and since both of them sat together, Jen saved the energy of walking round n round. lol

More photos soon!! 😀



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