See You Darling!

ok I walked over to the other side of the harbour just cos i was wondering what was on the other side.

guess what.

another lonely girl! ahahahahahahhahaah

okok lets continue.

more shots.

and more random shots.

and then it was time to leave the harbour… cos was a bit bored of it already. lol…

so goodbye Darling Harbour!… for now. ahahha

and off I went… walking back to the city… to the hotel.

Seriously… how many times have i mentioned that i love the blue sky?.. oh can you see the brown tower in the foto? My hotel… is somewhere there

and at every junction, everyone has to look lleft.

and i reached my hotel!.. it was about 2pm… and dinner was at 630pm… so next post! Dinner and “night activites” .. lol

oh Paultan said he went back to take his dslr from the hotel and nvr came back to find me!… so all these while I was shooting alone. Sad can.


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