SG – #F1 Day 4: Goodbye & HappyLemon

Today was the last day of our Formula 1 trip to Singapore by Sony.

We went to Sony center for some photo sharing session and took a group shot before everyone parts.

Since we don’t need to be with the big group anymore, we went for lunch at ION. Tried this milk tea thingymajigfrom Hongkong called HappyLemon.

Then it was time to leave Singapore.

At about 4pm we arrived at the airport and flew back to KL at 6pm.

Head an enjoyable 4 days trip and getting to know new friends from other countries. My first time shooting F1 night race too.

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  1. alvin

    i think i was at ion when you were at ion…

  2. Mabel

    Hey. Great photos you have in your blog! Mind sharing your gadgets?

  3. zstan

    Wow. Awesome. Glad to see Sony approaching people like you to publicize their products more 😀

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