SG Update: What’s In My Bag, HP Launch, Youtube FanFest

So few days ago, I went to Singapore for a HP launch event at Youtube Fanfest. (Thanks HP for the invite!).
Spent Thursday checking out new lappies and deskties. Also got to meet some popular Youtubers from around the world.

Here are some tiny updates (More on

So before I left for SG, I posted what I was packing into my bag.

Checking in at noon at Hotel Jen. Then went for lunch in the same hotel. Had Chicken Cordon Bleu.

After lunch, I managed to walk around to find some spots to pose a bit lol

We then proceeded to the HP launch event. Check out these machines. Will share more in upcoming posts.

Then after the HP launch, we went to SCAPE where the Youtube fanfest press con were held. Saw that they were setting up the red carpet for the event.



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