Shanghai Fried Rice, LaMien, Jelly Fish & More At Paradise Dynasty, Paradigm Mall! [Part 2]

PART 1: Paradise Dynasty in Paradigm Mall, Super Yummy Xiao Long Bao & More!

More food from Paradise Dynasty!

After all the Xiao Long Bao and dumpling action, we had Shanghai fried rice! Super fragrant and the waxed meat + other ingredients just made this one of the nicest fried rice ever. Though a little bit oily but it tasted good. [RM16]

In the previous post, we saw how the original la mien looked like. This time around we tried the hot n sour one. It was indeed hot… and very sour but I LOVE IT! [RM13.80]

We had more jelly fish dishes that night. This one is jelly fish n prawns in vinaigrette. Sourish as well. Jelly fish? Still crunchy. Haha [RM18.80]

Long long time ago during the dynasty time, the emperor wanted to eat crabs but it was winter and it was impossible to find one. So the chef had to come out with something and this was the result. He used egg white and used a secret way to cook it with scallops and the outcome? TASTE JUST LIKE CRAB YO!!! [RM20]

This one is quite familiar to many. The flour is crispy n not too thick. Not too spicy as well, provided you dont accidentally bite on the peppercorn. [RM20]

One of the desserts we had this. Not bad, not my favorite though 😀 [RM6.90]

We also had all these humans for dessert. *Giggles*

So there you go.. 2 posts full of food from Paradise Dynasty. Try it when you are at Paradigm Mall!

PART 1: Paradise Dynasty in Paradigm Mall, Super Yummy Xiao Long Bao & More!


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