Shock The World Party @ Zouk!

Back in July, I was at the G-SHOCK Shock The World Party at Zouk.

As I was walking to Zouk, I shot this.

It’s basically a world tour party and also to celebrate the launch of new G-Shock models.

Ou yeahhhhh new models. Variations of the GW6900 series

More colours, more styles.

Some people I met at the event.

I think Ken & I were the only 2 wearing colorful tshirts that night ahahha

Bumped into my buddies from Fly.. hello!


Ready to get yourselves Christmas presents? 😀



  1. simonso

    megan fox oO`

  2. Biopolymath

    Twin Towers nice!

  3. ah hong

    Nice shot on the Petronas Twin Towers 😀

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