Shopping in Riau

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So after lunching at Dakken, we went out to Riau Street again to buy n buy n buy more clothes.

This time, I took out my phone and took photos while we walk… again.. SLRs r better kept in the bag

Riau street is full of factory outlets and they sell cheap branded stuff…

We went into this outlet… and bought some clothes..

the inside looked like this

cheap Nike, cheap Levis.. etc etc

then we continued walking down the street to another outlet

so many ppl selling things along the road.. food hawkers, women carrying babies selling bracelets, ppl selling toys.. etc

another outlet… this one sux.. they sell super cheap stuff… super cheap quality stuff…

and after walking for about 3 hours.. we went back to our bus

but before that, on the way, i managed to snap this dimsum seller… i was afraid they he will kill me with his Siu Mais so i ran away fast fast.. ahaha

oh a video of us waiting for the bus to jalan.


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