Shops in Petaling Street

We continued walking and when we were looking for unique stuff to snap, a sign which was right in front of our faces lead us into a shop.

This man is a denturist. The shop was too dark since the only light source was from the entrance… therefore I had to use my bounce flash.

A motorcycle was parked outside the shop. I suddenly have a thought of sitting on it and ask pinkfrog or yipseng to take a photo of me… but i changed my mind. I took a photo from the back of it instead so that everyone can have a feel of how it’s like when riding on a motorcycle.

One of the backlanes was used to roast meat and chicken. The scene looked gross.. so i took a closeup shot of the ‘char siew’ instead. Now.. it looks delicious right? (pls say yes)

A few steps down the road and we found outrselves outside of a stall that sells different types of soup(i think la). My bounce flash helped a lot in this photo.

Was about to cross the road but was wondering… why didnt the lights turn green?

A photo by yipseng 🙂

PART 3 soon!!!


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